Arlindo Camacho Talks About His Well Executed Travel Photography

All travel photography by Arlindo Camacho. Used with permission.

“Japan is about peace and joy,” says Lisbon born travel photographer, Arlindo Camacho. He isn’t wrong either. Which is why Japan continues to be a popular hotspot for photographers far and wide around the world. But not everyone shoots in the style Arlindo does. While most visit Japan in the blossom season, Arlindo wanted to go against the grain. Instead, he focused on creating something different from the status quo. He explains, “I decided to go in the winter to avoid Sakura’s chaos even knowing that I would miss those incredible colors of springtime.” And it’s because of his planning that he came home with a series of images that we – and many others – totally fell in love with.

Planning a Travel Photography Trip

Going to a country like Japan isn’t something someone should take lightly. It’s chaotic and culturally different from many places in the world. Without a certain level of preparation, a photographer may find themselves lost and overwhelmed. On the topic of planning and executing his trip, Arlindo tells us, “I had a route but I was not strict about it. The more I traveled through the country the more fascinated I was so I just kept on going wherever I felt I had to.” He continues, “I woke up every day before sunrise to catch the first light in the morning and the daily life of the city.” Beyond the hard work that goes into such an adventure, Arlindo was there to have fun. What was most enjoyable for him? “The light is amazing, the color tones and the variety,” he says.

“I can only feel blessed and privileged for doing what I love – especially when I’m traveling.”

And it was the variety within this particular series that we found so gripping. The mixture of cold, snowy images that are made powerful through a spot of color, and warm, golden-hour street snaps are what makes his work so easy on the eye. And it’s because of the color reproduction in his work that it came as no surprise as to what set up he was shooting it all with: “Right now I use the Fuji XT3 and the Fuji Xpro2, one of them as a backup camera. I have a film camera with the same color films.”

A Travel Photographer With no Plans of Stopping

Outside of Japan, Arlindo is certainly no stranger to other parts of the world. From India, the Middle East, and South America, he has experienced plenty of different cultures and scenery. And he has no plans of stopping either. Using his thirst to create to plan future photography adventures, he tells us, “I’d love to go to Australia and New Zealand and a few more in Asia.” We certainly can’t wait to see what photographic treats he brings home with him!

After speaking about the importance of dreaming, observing, and being fearless when it comes to travel photography, in closing we asked Arlindo to talk about his current relationship with the craft. With a healthy dose of gratitude and appreciation, he opens up,  “I can only feel blessed and privileged for doing what I love – especially when I’m traveling.”

We invite you to enjoy more of Arlindo’s work in the gallery below…

You can enjoy more of Arlindo’s work by visiting his website.