This Hasselblad 203FE Had a Pretty Special Owner

Only two units of this commemorative Hasselblad 203FE were ever made; the other is with Buzz Aldrin.

Whether you’re a hardcore vintage camera collector or a serious space memorabilia connoisseur, our latest vintage find will bring you great excitement — and dent to your bank account. But, this is your chance to own an extremely rare commemorative Hasselblad 203FE. It’s so unique that there are only two ever made for two special people! One is Buzz Aldrin, the other a Hasselblad CEO. The latter could be yours next.

Currently on auction by Cape Town-based seller opticxchange (the ebay account of Cameratique) is reportedly a special edition Hasselblad 203FE that used to belong to a Hasselblad CEO. Only two units were made to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. As mentioned above, the other unit was given to Buzz Aldrin, who was one of the first two humans to set foot on the Moon.

This commemorative 203FE body has a metered Blue line matching prism finder and 6×6 film back, while the lens is the Zeiss Distagon CFE IF 4/40mm. The two cameras were also modified to be compatible with the included CV-39 digital back with the Apollo 11 emblem. This listed camera is reportedly barely used, and the digital back still has the plastic screen protector attached.

A camera of such expressed historical value and significance will undoubtedly command a hefty price tag — $49,999 to be precise. But of course, no one would want to let go of that serious cash without something to prove its authenticity. For this, the camera comes with an original letter of authentication dated September 12, 2019, and signed by the unnamed CEO.

“In honour of Buzz, we made a special Apollo camera for presentation to Buzz,” the letter addressed to the lucky “Hasselblad Fan” said. “I had a second one made for me personally as the Chairman and CEO of Hasselblad.”

We’re sure anyone interested will want to make their own inquiry about this extraordinary item. We haven’t found other mentions or information about this particular commemorative camera, but there is a special edition Hasselblad 907X made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Satisfy your curiosity and head over to the ebay listing or Cameratique to find out more about this interesting camera before you Buy It Now, or make your best offer.


Photos from the ebay listing