Nay Jiménez’s Food Story Is an Invitation to a Banquet of Colors

All photos by Nay Jiménez. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

When it comes to food photography, color is essential to produce a maximum mouth-watering effect. It’s also an effective creative component to present food in a different way, as today’s featured food photography project shows. If you’ve ever wanted to capture food through an out-of-the-box approach, we’re sure the vibrant editorial snapped by Chile-based creative director and photographer Nay Jiménez will give you lots of ideas!

Titled Banquetera, this food story goes beyond making our mouths water or enticing us with food presentations. Guided by the art direction of Jose Sumar and Joaquin Soffia of Fruta Studio, the series features tasty morsels as storytelling elements. The goal is to show how certain food items can be matched with colors and integrated into other genres like fashion editorials. Everything about the impeccable set design screams style, out of the box thinking, and playful concepts that bring to life a very creative story about food.

Instead of just visually consuming food, Nay invites us to think of food differently — as style elements, symbols of opulence, or tools for harnessing creative ideas, for example. There’s always been a creative side to presenting food, and we all know how plating and food styling have the power to make food more appealing to us. While Banquetera is a showcase of mostly fancy-looking deserts and fancier-looking drinks, it’s a vital part of the visual package.

The series is a banquet of colors and a buffet of visual ideas. It’s an invitation to explore the possibilities of food photography, food presentation, editorials, and tasty concepts. We’re told not to play with our food, but in this case, we think Nay and the team behind this project are proving just how appetizing the results can be.

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Do check out Nay Jiménez’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of her creative photography projects.