Pelican’s New Vault Cases Are Lightweight, Rugged, and Affordable

Pelican Vault Cases

If you’re a photographer who’s an outdoor enthusiast, the new Vault cases from Pelican might be perfect for you.

Keeping our camera gear protected from whatever comes our way while carrying it around is essential. We spend thousands of dollars on cameras and lenses, yet sometimes we don’t store it in bags or cases that offer a much protection. Pelican has been making hard cases for photography gear for 43 years, and their new Vault cases are aimed to protect your equipment while you’re out in the wild. They’re also aimed to be wallet-friendly as well. Join us after the break for specs, pricing, and release information about the new Pelican Vault cases.

According to Pelican, the new Vault cases are the ideal carry solution for protecting sensitive and expensive photo gear. They are handcrafted and purpose-built for hard use and high impact activities. The Vault cases also offer excellent weather resistance: perfect for someone like me who falls over at every opportunity I seem to get.

pelican vault cases

There are five new cases in the Vault line, and they come in a range of sizes and price points. All of the Vault cases feature padded dividers with hook and loop fasteners that make it easy to configure and adjust. This is always important: you want the case to fit your camera and not the other way around. The cushioned interior padding will help protect your gear from damage during travel, and the soft-touch felt material will not scratch your expensive lenses and accessories. Inside the Pelican Vault cases, you’ll also find high contrast colors that make it easier to find the exact lens, battery, cord, or other accessories you need.

These new Vault cases boast heavy-duty handles and hinges, simple push-button latches for quick access to your gear, and strong stainless steel lock hasps. The shock-resistant, high-impact polymer shell ensures users can “handle without care” and be confident their gear will be protected from inclement weather, drops, spills, kicks, dust, and even baggage handlers who like to throw things around.

Pelican Vault Cases

The Vault 100, which will cost $59.95, has exterior dimensions of 12.28″ L, 12.03″ W, 5.16″ H and interior dimensions of 11.00″ L, 8.03″ W, and 4.50″ H. As the smallest case in the lineup, it weighs 3.47lbs. The Vault 200 is slightly larger, with exterior dimensions: 15.41″ L, 13.08″ W, and 6.16″ H, and interior dimensions that measure 14.00″ L. 10.00″ W, and 5.50″ H. It’s slightly heavier at 5.05lbs. and will cost $79.95. Move up to the Vault 300, and you’ll get a case with exterior dimensions of 17.54″ L, 14.21″ W, and 7.16″ H, with interior dimensions of 16.00″ L, 11.00″ and 6.50″ H. This mid-range case will cost $109.95.

The V550 will set you back $149.95. It has interior dimensions of 19.00″ L, 14.00″ W, and 8.50″ H, with exterior measurements of 22.75″ L, 17.75″ W, 9.63″ H, and tips the scales at 10.73lbs. The largest Vault case in the lineup measures in at 25.00″ L, 21.00″ W, and 10.63″ H (exterior), and 21.00″ L, 17.00″ W, and 9.50″ H (interior) and weighs 15.27lbs. The V600 will cost $174.95. All of the cases are available for purchase now. For more information about the new Pelican Vault cases, head to their official website.

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