Magnum and Aperture Explore the Hidden in Latest Square Print Sale

Magnum Photos and Aperture invite us once more to add some timeless work to our print collection in their latest run of the Square Print Sale.

If you’ve been waiting for the next Magnum Square Print Sale, the wait is now over. Beginning today, the Autumn 2019 run of the anticipated sale will feature a selection of over 100 images by renowned international photographic artists, all exploring the theme Hidden. Photography greats from both Magnum Photos and Aperture have come together to bring their own unique interpretations to yet another interesting theme, so we’re sure you’ll find some prized prints to add to your collection.

Above: Khaliajuri village, Bangladesh. 2000  © Ian Berry / Magnum Photos

The Hidden edition dives into the idea of what the photographer sees that is otherwise unseen or unknown to us. This collection emphasizes how photography, from its beginnings, has been instrumental in showing what is neither visible or accessible to most of us. Likewise, it’s also effective in shedding light on the things we typically overlook. Photographs have the uncanny ability to reveal hidden things, places, and lives, whether it’s remote societies, elite fraternities, isolated places, or everyday objects that have become familiar to us. Each of the photographers whose works grace this sale offers their own fascinating interpretations of this theme.

Portrait #302. 2000  © Bill Armstrong courtesy Aperture Foundation

A boy back-flips off wall by a soccer field, Umm Al Arais, Tunisia 2015.  © Zied Ben Romdhane / Magnum Photos

The collection also features some previously unseen and overlooked photos from their archives, such as those from Thomas Hoepker and the Inge Morath Estate — including an unseen portrait of Muhammad Ali. Others approach the theme by obscuring or concealing, as with Susan Meiselas’s photograph of a masked rebel in Nicaragua and Don McCullin’s snap of an anonymous protester. Selections by Philippe Halsman, Steve McCurry, Todd Hido, and Stephen Shore, meanwhile, play with new perspectives and unexpected angles to show the allure of what cannot be seen.

In case you’re new to the sale, this is the perfect opportunity for you to grab some archival quality prints signed by the photographers or stamped by the estates for just $100. The 5.5″ (14 cm) images (on the longest side) are printed on 6×6″ (15.24 x 15.24 cm) archival paper and will not be cropped but will have white borders instead. The collections will not be editioned by quantity but by time, so these items will no longer be available outside the sale window. According to Magnum and Aperture, the images in each sale are always different and won’t be available in this format again.

Carnival celebration. Zürs, Austria. February 1950  © Robert Capa / International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos

A little girl holds skulls over her eyes. Skulls are part of the ephemera associated with the Day of the Dead rituals. Mexico City, Mexico. November 1, 1984  © Abbas / Magnum Photos

As with the previous runs, this Magnum Square Print Sale will only be available for five days. You have until Friday, November 1st at midnight EST, to score some awesome prints through the Magnum Photos Shop.