If You’ve Been Wanting a Nikon FM, Grab One NOW

Is the Nikon FM still on your vintage camera wishlist? Now would be a good time to grab one off eBay, while the price haven’t gone astronomical yet.

Looking to start your film photography journey with the Nikon FM? Or maybe you’re eyeing one as an addition to your vintage camera collection? Now would be a good time to buy it. In case you had missed it, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot’s Instagram post of her posing with a classic Nikon FM has been making rounds on the interwebs for about a week now. We all know what’s next when something like this happens.

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We could be wrong, but it’s only a matter of time before classic Nikon SLRs like the FM get swiped by the celebrity effect. Upon checking eBay for prices of the Nikon FM, we’re relieved to report that they haven’t taken off yet. So, you might want to grab one now while they won’t hurt your wallet!

Don’t know where to start? We took the liberty of looking for the best prices out there, ranging from save to splurge.

First, we spotted a chrome Nikon FM body up for bidding starting at $40. According to the Texas-based seller, it’s been tested and works fine (including the meter). There are some dings and signs of wear, but if you’re not too particular about that, this could be worth your consideration.

If you want a more cosmetically presentable unit, we found a black one with a body cap and strap (above) going for a Buy It Now price of $99. Another option is a chrome unit that comes with a lens strap and 50mm f1.4 AI lens (see cover photo), going for a Buy It Now price of $209.99. They both come from Japan, as many of the units in good cosmetic and working shape typically do. You might be interested in these if you’re willing to wait a little longer and pay a little extra for shipping and/or taxes/import duties.

Not willing to take the risk of buying from abroad? You may want to take a gamble on this combined chrome unit and 50mm f1.8 lens going for $100. The Maryland-based seller says that while the camera isn’t tested, it looks “very nice inside and out — and appears to function properly,” but the light meter isn’t “showing action” most likely because it needs a battery.

Allow us to remind you that some of these listings are for the camera bodies only. For lenses, you should definitely check out our recommendations for 10 incredible lenses that pair with the Nikon FM today.