These 8 Photographers Use the Leica M6 to Take Fantastic Photos

If you like a Leica, you’ll love these Leica M6 photographers.

Historically, the Leica M6 is synonymous with style and prestige. While it certainly delivers on being a quality build, this doesn’t mean it will always produce quality photographs: that’s the job of the person using it. First manufactured in 1984, the M6 is still a popular choice amongst photographers. While some may only have the Leica brand to boast about, others have a body of work that equals the quality they hold in their hand. The good news is we’ve found the very best of them. We spent time trawling Instagram to find feeds for you to enjoy. Here are eight Leica M6 photographers to follow on Instagram.

1. @ioestreet

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coney island

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This street photographer has developed a beautiful feed over the years. He gives his followers a mix of vibrant color, interesting subjects, and compelling interiors. It’s no surprise that he currently sits on 43 thousand followers. If the Leica M6 could talk, it would tell Joe it was proud of him!

2. @luxeluthor801

A vintage camera is perfect for shooting with a vintage style. This photographer has opted for a classic black and white finish to their images, and it’s paying off. The photographs on this feed would look perfect in a chic coffee shop, or even better, in a coffee table book!

3. @lauragoldenberger

Laura describes herself as a daydreamer. Her Leica M6 photographs are certainly dreamy, so it makes sense! For example, just look at these landscapes. They’re so captivating that they would make the laziest of couch potatoes want to get up and explore these lands. A photograph – especially one made on film – that makes you dream of visiting a place is no easy achievement. Credit to Laura – her work is awesome!

4. @daniellbohnhof

What we love about the work of Daniell is how well he maintains the dignity of his subjects. Although provocative, he ensures that his models are not oversexualized. This work is not about objectification, but rather, a celebration of the human shape and form. All shot on a Leica M6, this lovely photography is well worth following.

5. @mr.liangg

While everyone goes to sleep, there’s a dedicate photographer out late at night creating photographs. Mr. Liangg is that photographer. Working out of San Francisco, California, Liangg is creating fantastic photographs with his camera. Those bold reds and neon lights are a dream to behold. Solid work.

6. @0hy0uu

We at The Phoblographer like quirky photography. Take a look at this feed and you will feel like you’re going back three decades, which is fitting considering the age of the Leica M6. Computers that look like brick houses and interiors too retro for the hipsters. It’s a fun feed, and you should check it out!

7. @trav35mm

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#leicam6 #superia800

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Simple visual notes are sometimes all that’s required. These Leica M6 snaps are subtle in creation but powerful in consumption. The feed feels like a “day in the life” of a photographer. Nothing flashy, but still gripping.

8. @timeanddeath

If you’re looking for some urban geometry on film, here you go. Reggie has a strong mix of photographs that pop so brightly you need to wear sunglasses! We love that! His feed would work perfectly for print photography. Find a wall and hang it up, that’s what we think!

We Want to See Your Leica M6 Photographs

Do you shoot with a Leica M6? Do you feel your work firmly belongs on a list like this? If so, we would love to see your work. When you next post to Instagram, tag @phoblographer and we will be sure to check your post out. Until then, so that you can keep getting your daily dose of Leica photography, why not give these photographers a look and a follow. We’re sure they would appreciate it.