Check Out Our Updated Buyer’s Guide for Tamron Prime Lenses

If you love Tamron prime lenses and want to keep up to date with our reviews on them, bookmark the Tamron prime buyer’s guide.

Tamron has made quite a name for themselves over the last few years. The quality of their lenses has gone through the roof, and photographers who use their lenses can expect outstanding image quality and excellent build quality. The one thing that hasn’t gone through the roof is their prices. We’ve reviewed most of the Tamron prime lenses on the market, and we have now updated our Tamron prime lens guide so that you can find all the reviews (and any future reviews) in one location. Head on past the break for more details about the Tamron prime lens guide.

50mm prime lenses Tamron

There are already some excellent Tamron prime lenses available for those who shoot with Canon EF Mount cameras and Nikon F mount cameras (like the 85mm f1.8). The future is looking bright for those who shoot with Sony E mount cameras too. Tamron’s road map looks plum full of new lenses that will hit shortly. As we complete our real-world reviews on all new Tamron lenses, we guarantee that the guide will be updated too.

tamron prime lenses 85mm 1.8

The guide for Tamron prime lenses has been brought up to date to match our current editing style, and is now much easier to read. You’ll find all the pertinent information you need to help you make an informed buying decision. You’ll also find links back to the original lens reviews as well so that you have all in-depth information we provide. A table of contents has been added so that you may quickly get to the lens you’re interested in most. If you love Tamron prime lenses and want to be able to reference one page with all of the information you need, bookmark the guide for the quickest access.