Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos are a Reminder Not Everyone’s a Pro!

These real estate photos are so terrible they make a good case of why some things are best left to the professionals.

At an age when nearly everything is researched, ordered, and booked online, professional photographs are now more important than ever. The real estate industry is, of course, no exception. How a space is photographed is crucial to it getting booked or rented out, so it’s definitely something best left to a professional photographer. A hilarious project shows us how bad it can look when we entrust the job to people who don’t have the slightest idea how it’s done.

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs might have started as a joke, but it has now evolved into a more serious project of its own. “Housing prices rise and fall, buyers come and go, decor comes in and goes out of fashion, but one constant remains throughout the real estate industry. Photographic ineptitude and a lack of attention to detail,” wrote creator Andy Donaldson on the blog’s description. “This blog is a tribute to an important and unrecognized photographic genre, and to the artists who contribute to it so regularly, and with such low-quality offerings.”

Instead of straightforwardly expressing his dismay over real estate agents who “take photos of their own thumbs by accident” or “don’t wait for your elderly relative to move out of the shot,” the brilliant brain behind the blog turned to humor to make his sentiments known. He ended up fortuitously finding “great art” with “indefinable beauty” in the process, which eventually snowballed into some of the most hilarious stuff we’ll find on the web.

Her parents expected Jessica’s to be a particularly turbulent exorcism.

Like a circle in a spiral,
Like a wheel within a wheel.
Like a toilet in a shower,
In a kitchen, with hanging space for clothes, and a portable radiator.

“Honey, I found the perfect place for our wall-mounted naked limbless gender-neutral toddler dolls”

The music drowns out the washing machine drowns out the toilet helps you forget about the mirrors.

Will require some modernisation, once you’ve burned it to the ground.

Don’t lowball the agent. The previous couple tried, and it ended badly.

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and extensive opportunities for open plan off-roading.

So we have this fireplace to store our firewood for the fire we don’t have.

Would benefit from redecoration, as soon as Forensics have everything they need.

The photos (and their entertaining captions) are guaranteed to evoke a broad scope of emotions and expressions in the viewer — from “Yikes” and “What on Earth?” to “I don’t even know what’s happening here.” So when Donaldson also said that these photos are “more than just poorly-taken photographs,” one can’t help but agree. “They are rich and compelling visual documents of a single moment in time, and of a real estate agent who wonders why they can’t just get someone else to do this.”

If you want to pitch in with your outrageous finds, Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs is also accepting submissions. Otherwise, you might want to add the Terrible Estate Agent Photos book to your shelf — just for laughs.