Inspiring and Insightful Photography From 2019 Female in Focus Winners

The winning snaps of this year’s Female in Focus award have been announced. They’re worthy of checking out if you’re looking to get inspired by some outstanding work from female photographers.

In May 2019, 1854 Media, the publisher of British Journal of Photography, made an announcement and open call for Female in Focus, a new award for women photographers. The winners have already been announced, and both the individual photos and series are set to be showcased in a group show in opening in New York in October. For now, we invite you to satisfy your curiosity and check out the winning single images and series captured by diverse feminine perspectives.

Priya Kambli and Katinka Schuett were chosen as the winners of the Stories Category. In her Buttons for Eyes series, Kambli physically manipulated old family photos and rephotographed the altered results to explore issues of loss, memory, and hybrid cultural identity. Meanwhile, Shuett’s Cosmic Drive questions how the contradictory worlds of science and fantasy can be brought to light.

© Priya Kambli, Stories Winner

© Priya Kambli, Stories Winner (2)

© Priya Kambli, Stories Winner

© Katinka Schuett, Stories Winner

© Katinka Schuett, Stories Winner

© Katinka Schuett, Stories Winner

The two winning series are joined by the 20 Single Image category winners snapped by Nancy Newberry, Sarah Pannell, Erin Lubin, Maria Lax, Adel Koleszar, Sofia Sebastian, Kathy Yates, Valerie Six, Gillian Hyland, Charlotte Bergan, Vicki Couchman, Stephanie Noritz, Efrat Sela, Elena Nikitina, Sarah Blais, Fiona Morris, Gwendolyn Keasberry, Fern Berresford, and Sandra Minten. All the winning photos will be exhibited in a group show at the United Photo Industries Gallery in New York from October 22nd to November 15th.

© Nancy Newberry, Single Image Winner

© Sarah Pannell, Single Image Winner

© Erin Lubin, Single Image Winner

© Maria Lax, Single Image Winner

© Adél Koleszár, Single Image Winner

© Sofia Sebastian, Single Image Winner

© Kathy Yates, Single Image Winner

© Valérie Six, Single Image Winner

© Gillian Hyland, Single Image Winner

© Charlotte Bergan, Single Image Winner

© Vicki Couchman, Single Image Winner

© Stephanie Noritz, Single Image Winner

© Efrat Sela, Single Image Winner

© Elena Nikitina, Single Image Winner

© Sarah Blais, Single Image Winner

© Fiona Morris, Single Image Winner

© Gwendolyn Keasberry, Single Image Winner

© Fern Berresford, Single Image Winner

© Sandra Minten, Single Image Winner

Female in Focus was established to highlight the exceptional quality of work by female photographers and those who identify as women across the globe. It’s also part of 1854 Media’s goal to address the gender imbalance in the industry and bring diverse female talent to the photography world.

Check out the Female in Focus website to find out more about the award and the winners of its first run.