Use Fixative Varnish Spray to Protect Your Photos from the Elements

You can always frame your photos to keep them protected, or you can simply spray them with a fixative varnish spray to make them extra durable.

If you’re a fan of printed matter, we’re sure that making those prints last is among your concerns. It’s so easy for them to become ruined or faded, and it can be frustrating when it happens to a prized print from your favorite photographer. Sure, you can rely on archival papers and special frames to make sure they last as long as possible. Or, you can use a fixative varnish to give those photos the best chance at lasting a lifetime.

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Yes, there’s such a thing as fixative sprays for protecting printed photos and artworks. Similar to varnish, fixatives are widely used by artists to stabilize the pigment or graphite on paper or other surfaces, preserve the artwork, and protect it from dust. We can imagine that you’ll want to do the same for your printed photo, especially those printed digitally. In their video below, UK-based inkjet media provider Photo Paper Direct demonstrates what an inkjet fixative varnish spray can do to protect your prints.

As mentioned above, inkjet fixative varnish sprays are available in glossy, satin, and matte finishes, so you have the option to choose one that matches your print. Alternately, you can use these sprays to change the finish of your print as well. Treating printed photos with inkjet fixative spray is an easy way to protect your photos from dust and make them waterproof and UV-proof. This allows you to display your prints anywhere, even without specialized archival framing.

We can see a variety of other applications and situations where inkjet fixative sprays will come in handy. First, if you want to experiment with an outdoor exhibit, this will help protect your photos from the harsh elements throughout the show. You won’t have to worry about them getting ruined by dust, rain, or UV light. Also, if you bought a print that didn’t use archival quality paper, you can use this spray to protect it before you hang it in spaces with lots of natural light.

Check out Photo Paper Direct’s website if you’re interested in the inkjet fixative spray mentioned in their video.


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