What Do You Think Fujifilm Has Up Their Sleeve? The Fujifilm X Pro 3?

The newly registered FF190001 Fujifilm camera is causing quite the stir.

Another day, another camera being registered by a major camera company. This time it’s Fujifilm stepping up to the plate with a yet-to-be-announced new camera. What could it possibly be? The filing, which was discovered this week, has caused quite a tizzy in the camerasphere. With Fujifilm recently heavily discounting the excellent Fujifilm X-H1 down to $999 with the grip, one would assume this new Fujifilm camera could be the X-H2. Not so fast there buddy! Hold your horses! We don’t think it’s that. Join us after the break to see what we believe this new Fujifilm camera might be.

A recent post on Fuji Rumors shared the news that this new Fujifilm camera has the designation of FF190001. Now, this means nothing in particular and not much can really be taken from this random string of numbers. We do know it’s not the X-Pro 3. That camera has already been registered as FF190002. We know it’s not going to be a replacement for the X-H1, and we know it will not be the F100V as that has been slated for launch in 2020. So what could the FF190001 that Nokishita first shared with everyone be?

fujifilm camera


Personally, I think the yet to be named Fujifilm camera could be an upgrade to the Fujifilm X-A5. The X-A5 is a viewfinder-less, tiny APS-C based camera with a tilty screen that flips up so that YouTubers and vlogger types can see their mugs while they are recording. The camera featured a 24.2 Megapixel Bayer sensor, a new image processor, 4k recording capabilities, a native ISO up to 12,800, and it costs around $500. The X-A5 is a little long in the tooth even though it is still quite young. Technology is evolving so rapidly that it would make sense for Fujifilm to release an X-A6 to compete with more capable compact cameras on the market.

fujifilm camera

I’m sure a new X-A6 would be well received. The X-A5 offered consumers an excellent entry point into the world of Fujifilm cameras, along with superb image quality. Fujifilm would likely opt to stay with a Bayer sensor in this model to help keep costs down. If Fujifilm adds features like more 4K recording options, improved high ISO performance, and better burst rates, they could have a pocket powerhouse on their hands. A camera like this would really appeal to street photographers and vloggers.

It would be even sweeter if they could keep the price down to the same $599 the X-A5 had when it was launched. Whatever this Fujifilm camera is, it’s likely to hit store shelves this year. We won’t have to wait too long to find out what it is. What do you think this yet to be named Fujifilm camera could be? Lets us know in the comment section below.

Brett Day

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