Can the Canon Rebel T3i Still Take Great Portraits?

Have one of your old DSLRs lying around? This cheap camera challenge with an entry-level Canon DSLR camera will inspire you to keep shooting with it.

We’re at a time when constant upgrades render cameras out-of-date every few years, especially for professional photography. This often leads photographers to fuss about their gear and feel the need to constantly upgrade to the latest and greatest. However, it’s often possible to get beautiful results, even with old cameras. The cheap camera challenge that Mango Street recently did is a testament to this. So, if you’ve ever wondered whether you can pull off something good with that nearly decade-old DSLR gathering dust somewhere, the quick answer is yes!

For this challenge, the folks of Mango Street shot with used entry-level Canon Rebel T3i ($240) paired with 24mm f2.8 ($129) and 50mm f1.8 ($107) lenses. Their goal? To inspire everyone to shoot with the gear they have. Watch the video below to see how their shoot went down!

As we can see in their video, they achieved some really cool results from the portrait session. They shared both shots: straight out of the camera and edited ones. All of them prove convincingly that you don’t need super expensive gear with all its Megapickles. It’s especially the case if you’re just starting out. Also, you don’t need all the fancy-schmancy features and functionalities at this point. What you need is a camera that will let you practice and develop your own creative vision first. You can upgrade to a better gear later, either when your budget allows, or when your gear finally needs to keep up with the techniques and results you want to achieve.

For now, if budget constraints are keeping you from getting a camera you can practice with, it’s worth considering scoring one of these affordable options. And go shoot with it!

If you liked this video, check out Mango Street’s YouTube channel for more of their photography stuff.


Screenshot image from the video