These 10 Street Photographers Show the Medium Isn’t Dead

Street photography is alive and kicking. These photographers prove it.

“Street photography is dead,” proclaim the pessimists. We disagree. We believe the scene is thriving more than ever. There’s a worldwide community coming together to keep the craft fresh and exciting. There’s also a lot of mediocre work out there, but that’s part of any discipline. To say it’s dead, however, is incredibly inaccurate. There are street photographers today who produce fantastic work. And it gives us confidence that the current state of street photography is bright. So, with great pleasure, we give you 10 street photographers that show the future is in good hands.

1 Elisa Tomaselli @elisa__tomaselli

Elisa’s street photography is extremely up close and personal. It evokes emotions. Her compositions and motion blur make it more compelling than your standard snapshot. She is making high waves in the scene and is one of the members of the new street photography collective, Little Box Collective.

2 Nico Froehlich @nicofroe

Working out of London, Nico gives his audience a range of styles. From urban geometry to candid portraits, this street photographer is creatively comfortable in all unstaged situations. You cannot question his dedication to the stability and growth of the scene. He puts in a lot of time raising the profile of others while protecting the integrity of the craft.

3 Brian del Rosario @briandelro

When you first look at Brian’s work, you may think something isn’t quite right. Stick with it as once you put your expectations aside, you will be able to see a street photographer who is pushing boundaries. His compositions are not cliche, and he’s crafting out his style. We respect this. His street photography is compelling, and we look forward to seeing him grow within the scene.

4 Priscilla Falcón Moeller @priscillafalconmoeller

Here we have raw, dark street photography. The images are the right kind of dirty. They’re gritty and don’t hide behind cheap thrills. Priscilla’s work makes a substantial contribution to the scene. The street photography she creates tells a story, and makes you question the background of her subjects. This is crucial for successful visual storytelling, and Priscilla is excelling at it.

5 Samane Gholamnejad @samane.gholamnejad

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I have seen it in Elecomp exibition. #lensculturestreets

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It’s no disservice to describe a person’s work as pretty. These are lovely street photographs from Samane – but they still have an edge to them. Samane is a graduate in news photography, and it’s evident that an eye for what’s real has transferred to her street work. More so, she has been exhibited several times over in her own country, Iran, in the last few times.

6 Damian Milczarek @madscreameg

This Polish street photographer is patient. How do we know this? Well, the moments Damian captures do not come around every second. His photographs lend from the “decisive moment” and take time to create. People do not appreciate the importance of patience enough, but it’s an essential ingredient because without it you’re going to have plenty of substandard street snaps. Damian has a keen eye, and this is making him an exciting street photographer.

7 Marina Sersale @eauditalie

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This photo and many beautiful others by 75 amazing women street photographers will be on show at the Women Street Photographers exhibition at the El Barrio Artspace PS109 in NYC. Opening on December 18th @ 6pm. Thank you Gulnara @gulnara_nyc for making this happen! Please visit if you’re in town!! 🙏🙏❤️ ・・・ Repost From the @womenstreetphotographers. Exhibition winning photo by Marina Sersale. Follow her @eauditalie About the photo: “I shot this in the Eur neighborhood in Rome on a day in which I’d promised myself I’d only shoot with a Dslr camera instead of with my iPhone. The girl (@francescasolombrino) worked at the cashier desk of an exhibition to which I was buying the ticket. As she looked up to give me my ticket I quickly took a couple of photos – needless to say…with my iPhone!” Follow @womenstreetphotographers and tag #womenstreetphotographers for a chance to get featured. Curated by @gulnara_nyc . . #myspc #capturestreets #fromstreetswithlove #beststreets #challengerstreets #spicollective #life_is_street #cobblescope #zoomnl #myfeatureshoot #streetlife_award #streets_storytelling #spjstreets #lensculturestreets #friendsinperson #streetsgrammer #hikaricreative #lensonstreets #doubleyedge #ourstreets #balkancollective #35mmstreetphotography #zonestreet #everybodystreet #irimages #lifeframer

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Marina is a pure artist. It’s as simple as that. She has been able to inject her creative vision into the everyday world and makes the passing public her main characters. Within her body of work are moments, coincidences, raw human emotion, and well-placed infrastructure. It has it all. And we spent a long time looking through her extensive gallery. Not for one moment did we lose interest.

8 @danezphoto

This street photographer is very cryptic. We know he works out of Florida and New York. But beyond that, we struggled to find his name and background — we kind of like this. It’s his work that speaks most for him, and that’s important. He’s consistent in his production and the range of color in his portfolio makes it very attractive. We almost feel like we’re watching the scenes in real-time. That’s a strong attribute and skill for a street photographer to have.

9 Dimpy Bhalotia @dimpy.bhalotia

Dimpy is killing it right now. Tech giant, Apple, has showcased her photography. More so, she won first place in this year’s Street Foto San Francisco Mobile competition. Her low down angles give her subjects that larger than life look. And by turning her work into black and white, her gallery has class and verges on being fine art.

10 Suzan Pektas @sznpkt

Here we have another versatile photographer. Suzan Pektas’ focus is on women, urban development, and immigration. She is connected to the things that matter. A member of Intercollective, she has gathered a broad audience who fully buy into the work that she delivers.

We Know There’s More

As ever, this list could be much longer. But we also know you have to think about eating and sleeping. Which street photographers excite you? We’re always on the lookout for new and inspiring talent, so give them a leg up and let us know in the comments below.

Lead photo by Nico Froehlich

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