Thibaud Poirier Captures the Peaceful Beauty of “Sleeping Venice”

All photos by Thibaud Poirier. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s always fascinating to see a different look at the world’s most famous cities. One way photographers do it is by capturing a glimpse at night, as the cities often take on a different persona without all the activity, lit only by the faint glow of street lights. We’ve seen some excellent examples (like Mark Broyer’s After Hours in Hamburg) in the past, and we’re adding one more to the list. From Paris-based Thibaud Poirier comes a series featuring the calm and quiet side of Sleeping Venice, which can be a drastically different visual experience for those used to the hustle and bustle of the popular Italian city.

For this series, Poirier shot in long exposure to make sure the scenes look nice and bright. The choice to go for clarity over mood was most likely influenced by his eye for architecture and architectural details. Previously, we’ve seen him showcase the timeless beauty of Europe’s libraries, and depict Hong Kong as a shrine of urban density. Sleeping Venice definitely draws our attention to the rustic charm of Venetian architecture, along with the world-famous canals that flow through the city in place of streets and roads.

Looking at Venice in its slumber is a dreamy experience on its own, and Poirier shows us what it was like for him in this series. It’s easy to get lost in the idea of exploring the city at night, paddling through the still waters, deeper and deeper into the calm and quiet. Without running into people or following crowds, it’s easy to just focus on the beauty of it all and take in the sights in a more dramatic way.

Check out Thibaut Poirier’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his photography.