How to Make Time for Photography While Having a Day Job

Been feeling limited with your photography because of your nine to five job? This photographer’s suggestion might inspire you to find a way to fit it in your schedule.

While a lot of photographers are shooting to make a living, there’s also a large chunk of the population who do it as a hobby. Work can often “get in the way” of photography, but Spanish-American photographer Adrian Otero says it’s definitely possible to squeeze it into our busy schedules. He gives us some insight on how he was able to do it in one of his recent videos.

In his video, Otero raises an important point: the most successful photographers are the ones who spend considerable time shooting and perfecting their craft. He even cites a quote to drive the point home:

“Talent takes you to the starting line; effort puts you in the race; insane dedication gets you to the front of the pack.” – Doug Menuez

Most of us don’t have the luxury to dedicate the majority of our days to shooting and honing our photography. Bills need to be paid, tummies need to be filled, and even the photography we do needs to be funded. Otero understands this well: he too had to squeeze photography into his schedule when he still had a day job. Prior to doing photography full time, he too had to contend with the limitations set by his work schedule.

So, like the rest of us who have day jobs, he had to figure out the best way to practice photography. He found it’s not about how frequent we get to shoot; it’s about how we make the most out of the time when we shoot. In his case, he decided to wake up very early a few times per week, before going to work, to make time for photography. Of course, as he mentioned, things will vary based on several factors, but basically, you’ll have to make some sacrifices during your free time. You’ll also have to do some research and planning for your shoot days if your photography relies on certain lighting conditions and locations.

Already got this all figured out? Then you no longer have an excuse, and we hope you’re making time for your photography!

Check out Adrian Otero’s YouTube channel for more of his photography videos.