The Photon Light Module System Is for Photographers Afraid of Flash

If product photography is something you often do, the Photon Light Module System could be a nifty, space-saving tool for you.

While it’s easy to build your own basic light box if you want to photograph objects occasionally, a professional setup is often the way to go if you want professional-looking results. Fortunately, creatives are actively building tools (light boxes included) to make the job easier for their fellow creatives. Among the latest of these is the Photon Light Module System, an advanced mini photo studio that features a fully controlled light system designed especially for photographing objects of different sizes.

The Photon Light Module System, currently still being funded on Kickstarter, boasts of a modular, easy-to-install system which can accommodate objects from miniature to massive. It also has a fully customizable constant LED lighting system that allows photographers to make instant changes in the lighting through smartphone or PC controls. Each of the three 20×20 inch modules is equipped with 25 4×4 inch active light blocks, and each block has 36 LED elements, for a total of 2,700 LED lights.

Each module also has its own WiFi transmitter for wireless lighting adjustments when paired with the Photon LMS App. This enables photographers to shift the light to illuminate objects from many different angles without having to move the light sources around. It also has an Auto Mode that makes use of 10-15 different, ready-to-use lighting scenes or profiles, allowing for shooting and uploading high-quality visuals in seconds. The Photon LMS App comes with some free presets, but if you prefer to create and set up your own lighting scenes, you can also save them for use later.

Measuring just 1/4 sqm, this space-saving tool is perfect for setting up your own mini-studio for product shots, even in a small corner of your home, office, or creative work space. You can set up the modules to your liking, and use from one up to 20 blocks.

Check out some sample photos taken using the Photon Light Module System:


  • LED Manufacturer – CREE;
  • LED Package (mm) – 2835;
  • LED Colour temperature – 5600K;
  • LED CRI > 80%;
  • Light pulsations level < 5%, frequency – 400-800 kHz;
  • Illuminance on the bottom of Photon box – 25000 lux;
  • 1 Module input DC voltage – 24 V;
  • 1 Module maximum input current – 3.4 A;
  • Maximum Power Consumption (All cells at maximum brightness)
  • 100 W per module & 300 W per basic kit (3 modules);
  • One cell power consumption – 3-3.3 W

Interested in grabbing this next generation light box? Head to the Photon Light Module System Kickstarter page to find out more and make your pledge.


All photos from the Photon Light Module System on Kickstarter