Marina Weishaupt Showcases the Dreamy Layers of Bavaria

All photos by Marina Weishaupt. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Mountain scenes are among the classic subjects for landscape photography, and it’s definitely not surprising why. Jagged slopes, gentle curves, snow-capped peaks,  misty views — all of it are enough to charm anyone who loves to capture nature’s towering wonders.  Case in point is another series we’re adding to our growing roster of exemplary landscape photography projects. The spotlight is once more on Marina Weishaupt, who we’ve previously featured for her breathtaking photos of the snowy Piz Feiss in eastern Switzerland. This time, she brings us the dreamy layers created the mountains of Southern Bavaria.

In this more recent series titled Layers of Bavaria, the self-taught German landscape photographer features the sheer and seemingly endless layers of mountains that she saw while hiking around the Walensee and Kochelsee lakes. The star of her photos are the jagged peaks in varying heights, fog enveloping the scenes to make them extra dreamy. They definitely show us a slice of the beauty of the great outdoors that travelers like Weishaupt marvel at while traversing the area.

To complement the interchanging rows of misty mountains, Layers of Bavaria series has a crisp and serene blue color scheme, which gives it an even more relaxing look. The hints of green on the mountains and the valleys also add highlights and textures that draw the eyes around. We often turn to vibrant colors to give a dramatic look to our landscape photos, and it’s one of the tried and tested ways to get great results. But Weishaupt proves to us that adopting a clean and fresh style also works well, especially when the scenes call for it.

Don’t forget to check out Marina Weishaupt’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of her lovely landscape work.