Marina Weishaupt’s Swiss Mountain Photos Are a Compositional Dream

All images by Marina Weishaupt. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If the mountains bring you peace and creative motivation, you’ll find a kindred spirit in German photographer Marina Weishaupt and her breathtaking mountain snaps. Today, we place the spotlight on her surreal set Winter in August, featuring the snowy peaks of the Piz Feiss in eastern Switzerland. Weishaupt, a self-taught photographer based in Ulm in Southern Germany, has found her passion in nature, animals, and the environment, with a keen interest for rough landscapes. It comes as no surprise then that she now focuses on capturing mountainous locations with rough structures and unique shapes, and is constantly looking for new places off the beaten path. Sure enough, Piz Feiss isn’t the first to come to mind when we speak of Swiss peaks (that distinction belonging to the Swiss Alps), yet its stunning beauty and dramatic vistas are also worth the adoration.

“We saw nothing at all as the five of us started this hike through fog and rain. The top of Piz Fess was covered in thick clouds when the temperatures went down to -2 and the rain became small snowflakes which slowly covered the rough landscape around us with a thin white layer. The next morning offered us these beautiful sceneries.” Weishaupt wrote of her experience traversing the picture-perfect peaks in August last year.

The two-part series is a beautiful testament to the grandeur of the Piz Feiss, in all its foggy and snowy charm. With these photos, it’s easy to see how Weishaupt fell in love with rugged terrain and jagged peaks. It’s also a picturesque reminder of the views that await photographers who dare trek it. The views are so stunning that it’s easy to imagine them looking just as impressive in black and white.

Check out Part I and Part II of the Winter in August series, and also, Marina Weishaupt’s website and Behance portfolio to see the rest of her work.