Aurélien Buttin Shares His Nostalgic 45 Days in Georgia

All photos by Aurélien Buttin. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We have featured a fair bit of impressive travel photography in the last couple of years, all executed with different focus, style, and approach. If you’re into this photography genre and would like to get some inspiration for narrative styles, you’ll like the recent addition to our roster of favorites: the Georgia travel diary of French lifestyle and travel photographer Aurélien Buttin.

Buttin’s series is a beautiful collection of snippets from the 45 days he spent in Georgia earlier this year — hence the simple title 45 days in Georgia. It shows a more personal point of view rather than the usual sights and scenes of famous tourist spots or street portraits of locals. However, there’s also a mix of landscapes, street happenings, and in transit or on the road scenes, making this photo diary a delightfully detailed chronicle of his trip.

The series is also a nice preview into his style as a lifestyle and travel photographer with a noticeable lean toward nostalgic and moody imagery. His choice of color palette is certainly part of it, but subject matter and the way he captures light are also signature signs of his style.

If you tend to place a larger emphasis on the well-known spots, touristy activities, and Instagram-worthy locations with your travel photography, there’s a lot to pick up from Buttin’s travel diary. It’s a body of work that reminds us of how there are picture-perfect and postcard-worthy moments and slices of life wherever we go. It’s our job as photographers to seek them out and tell our own stories through photos of our own experiences.

His 45 days in Georgia series is just one of his photo diaries and travel stories that you’ll definitely find inspiring. Check out Aurélien Buttin’s website and Behance portfolio to see the rest of this series and more of his work.