Format Websites Now Give Photographers Full-Bleed Images

Format users now have an added option for customizing the look of their portfolio with the addition of full-bleed images for custom pages.

Whether you’ve been using Format for a while or have just decided to sign up, one of the features you were likely looking for is the option to display your photos at full bleed. Well, the folks of Format bring good news: they’ve recently made this option available for their custom pages. If you’ve been using custom pages for your photo essays, project briefs, and artist statement, this new feature should be useful.

Format made the announcement in their newsletter, where they encouraged everyone to try out the new feature on their custom pages. With this option, your photos fill the entire screen while the responsive design ensures everything looks good on any device. While there are also some fullscreen Format themes to choose from, if you’d rather keep the full screen images to certain pages in your portfolio, this new feature is for you. When creating a custom page, we can see this option when we add a new image through the “Add Section.” It’s the sixth option under the “Images Only” thumbnails. Once added to the custom page, we can choose the new “Panorama” crop, or keep the “Original” size to show the full image.

This new feature also allows us to set the full bleed section spacing under the Design link. Options for the Full Bleed Section Spacing now appear under the “Themes” then “Advanced” menu, where we can change “Default” to “None” if we want to display the full bleed images without spacing between them.

Before you try out this new custom pages feature for yourself, you might also want to check out this step-by-step guide from Format to see how it’s done. If you’re new to the site and are yet to create your first custom page, check out this guide first.


Photo from the Format newsletter