Apparently, We’ve Been Using TLR Cameras Wrong All This Time

If you’re curious about TLR cameras, make sure you wear your humor hat on before you proceed!

Twin Lens Reflex cameras continue to enjoy the interest and fascination of today’s film photographers because of their unique handling and features, as well as their ability to evoke vintage nostalgia. However, these very characteristics also seem to be perplexing for a good number of people; the first question that pops up has always been, “How do you shoot with this thing?”

Well, we have our answer in this Instagram post, which we spotted on r/AnalogCircleJerk.

If you chuckled a little at this, congratulations, you didn’t forget to put your humor hat on! Otherwise, if this got you scratching your head and asking, “Really?” We got you too. The answer is definitely no, that’s not how you hold and shoot with a TLR camera. What are these photos for, then? Well, the person who posted this on Instagram (perhaps best we don’t know who it is) may have done this just to catch attention, or “for the ‘gram” as some would say. For all we know they know how to operate a TLR camera and were just being playful and funny about it.

I can totally imagine how someone of today’s generation could pick up a TLR and struggle to figure it out. Actually, I was once admiring a Rolleiflex in pristine condition locked behind a glass display when a young dad appeared beside me and proudly told his kid something like, “Look, that’s how video cameras looked back in the days!”

So yeah, this unique camera can be pretty puzzling in a world dominated by SLRs and mirrorless cameras. Thankfully, the struggle is real only until younger generations realize the answer is just a Google search away.


Cover photo by Zalmy Berkowitz


Editor’s Note: Hey folks, did you know this is just a joke? WE’RE NOT SURE HOW MANY OF YOU READ DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OR EVEN READ THE ARTICLE AT ALL SO JOKE’S ON YOU!!