The Ultimate Hipster Camera Will Help You “Grow a Beard or a Legit Mustache.”

Folks: it’s time to step your game up. Peruse various Facebook Marketplace groups and you probably won’t see a lot of listings with much sparkle, but Zalmy Berkowitz is pretty darned good about selling his Rolleiflex 2.8f. He brands it as the ultimate hipster camera that’s GUARANTEED to change your life forever. Already a well known camera, his version is the equivalent of Excalibur for the photographer.

According to Zalmy’s Listing:

The ultimate hipsters camera. Show your disdain and superiority to all them upstart hipsters! Do you think all it takes is $30 for a holga?! No sirree. Real hipsterism takes time and effort and money.

Want to meet girls or boys or something in between? No more picking up poop with a bag just to start conversations! This thing will sell you even if you can’t grow a beard or even a legit moustache.

If looks could kill, with this thing around your neck you’d be chuck norris and james bond combined.

Oh and it takes good pictures for the instagrams.

It even has a meter if your skills haven’t caught up to your hipsterism (don’t worry, it will!)

Taking lens has come cleaning marks (seems the coating has rubbed off a bit) but I have never noticed any issues from that.

Ground glass has a bunch of marks (more visible on low light), if I’d use it a lot I might get a Maxwell, but it’s still easy to focus.

Shutter speeds are accurate, advance mechanism works, film is flat. Woohoo! (but who cares about that stuff, I mean just look at it!)

$1020 shipped to your front (or side) door

Now, for those of you who don’t really know a whole lot about the camera, it’s got an f2.8 lens and is a TLR. It uses an 80mm f2.8 lens and shoots in the 6×6 format. Lots of photographers have used them over the years. So when you shoot photos with this thing, you’re going to absolutely change someone else’s life. You’ll take a photo of them and their jaw will drop because they won’t be able to share it on the Gram instantly and show off to their friends. Instead, you’ll tell them that the film will enter a dark place and emerge as a beautiful piece of scannable film.

You can check out the listing right here on Facebook.

All images are from the listing.

Chris Gampat

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