You’re Jealous of the Leica Gear This Photographer Got from Grandpa

We’re sure this is the stuff Leica fans and users’ dreams are made of.

Regardless of whether you shoot film, digital, or both, we’re betting that it’s every photographer’s dream to unearth a Leica camera from their parents or grandparents’ attic. So when content creator and vlogger Sara Dietschy got LOADS of Leica cameras and accessories from her grandfather, she absolutely had to do an unboxing video. So yes, brace yourself and grab something to wipe your drool with. We think you’ll need it.

Sara Dietschy is one lucky girl because her grandfather decided to give her all his film photography gear, including some drool-worthy Leica. So, not surprisingly, she shared her loot in an unboxing video. She decided to bring one of the cameras to a quick vacation in South Korea and also shared her results in the video. So, did her grandpa make the right decision to hand down all his precious gear? Let’s find out!

So there; lots of really cool Leica goodies that we can tell her grandpa took great care of. He kept the 1930s Leica III camera and lenses in the beautiful wooden box that Sara aptly called a treasure chest, and some of the other lenses and accessories like flashes are still even in their original boxes. There’s also a Leicaflex from the 1960s, and even a Yashica TLR in her loot! Looks like her grandpa was one heck of a photographer back in the days!

True enough, she may not have that much experience with vintage film cameras yet and hasn’t shot with a rangefinder camera before. But, at least she’s got enough know-how with her Canon AE-1 to start shooting with her grandfather’s pristine-looking Leica R6 SLR camera from the late 80s or early 90s. And what better opportunity to try it out but during a trip?

It’s great to see that she got good travel photos using the Leica R6 with the 135mm f2.8 and 50mm f2 lenses, and loaded with Kodak Gold 200 and Kodak Ektar 100. And the best part? Looks like her grandpa approves after seeing all her shots!

We don’t know about you, but we think it’s time we all raid our grandparents’ attic and ask nicely if they have any Leica lying around!


Screenshot image from the video by Sara Dietschy