More Photography Tips We Wish We Knew Before Getting Into Photography

Have you been taking note of the photography tips you wish you knew before diving into became a photographer? See if any of the ones on your list are here!

Previously, we shared a rundown of photography tips that J.T. of the Run N Gun YouTube channel wished he had known before diving into craft. We also encouraged those who are far along into their photography career or hobby to do a little retrospect and think about their own take on the subject. Today, we continue with J.T.’s list and more insights that will prove useful for budding photographers.

  1. Motivation isn’t magic.
  2. Photos can lie.
  3. Don’t get too attached to your photos.
  4. Let the light make the image.
  5. Haters gonna hate.
  6. Good photographers take bad photos too.
  7. Only show your best work.
  8. Presets won’t save a bad shot.
  9. A moment always trumps over technical detail.
  10. Content is key.

Indeed, there is no magic solution to getting motivated. However, as he suggested, there’s a formula that can help us make it happen: Action -> Inspiration -> Motivation. So when we’re feeling discouraged or find ourselves in a creative block, simply doing something to address that will increase our chances of getting the motivation we’re looking for. Don’t know where to start? Look for places where the lighting is beautiful and dramatic, as noted in #4.

Photos can lie. Another take on this is that photography is selective. It may show only part of the truth in a scene when we choose to not include certain elements in our final photo, whether through our framing or by cropping in post. It goes the same when we choose certain perspectives or creative techniques. It shows the world through our eyes and interpretations, and that can be a powerful tool for visual storytelling.

The message is clear for numbers 8, 9, and 10: focus on your content and showing moments that matter instead of getting obsessed over technical stuff like megapickles and presets, or even the engagement of the photos we post on Instagram. However, it’s okay if we take bad photos once in a while because even the best photographers do. But when we make a portfolio, it should only show our best work.

Don’t forget to check out the Run N Gun YouTube channel for the next part of this photography tips series and his other photography videos.


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