Justyna Zduńczyk Reveals the Idylls of the Polish Highlands

All photos by Justyna Zduńczyk. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Poland is home to some of the most stunning and postcard-worthy landscapes, as we’ve seen through the lens of photographers like Przemyslaw Kruk and Kilian Schönberger. But there’s more to the Polish landscapes than the surreal locations they photographed, and we have one more series to add variety to that. Enter the rustic series of another Polish travel photographer, Justyna Zduńczyk, which shows us a slice of idyllic life in the so-called Polish Highlands. If you’re looking for inspiration on capturing life by the countryside, this collection is one you should check out.

Zduńczyk snapped this travel series at Podhale, sometimes also referred to as the Polish Highlands, which is also the country’s southernmost region. Interestingly, the name literally translates to “under the mountain meadows,” which is exactly what we see in many of these photos. Podhale sits in the foothills of the Tatra Mountain range, and its beautiful snow-capped peaks are among the prominent features included throughout the series.

This series is comprised of a fine selection of landscapes, country scenes, and rural life in this dreamy part of Poland. The punchy colors and crisply captured details mix well with the rustic mood that one can expect with such a theme and location. Viewers — and intrepid travel photographers, of course — are given a glimpse of what makes this region a popular tourist destination, especially during the winter.

If you’re into travel photography or even want to shoot better photos for your travel diary, this idyllic series is a great example of the stories and style you might want to try out for your next trip to a scenic mountainside like the Podhale.

Head to Justyna Zduńczyk’s website and Behance portfolio if you want to see more of her beautiful travel series.