Compact Camera Showdown: The Fujifilm X100F Versus The Leica Q

The Fujifilm X100F and the Leica Q go mano-a-mano in this compact camera showdown.

Both Fujifilm and Leica make quality compact cameras, but does the gulf in price between the two featured here mean that one is truly better than the other? Some would argue that Leica’s are the pinnacle, the creme de la creme, the best of the best, simply because, well, they’re Leica’s, but does it automatically mean that you’re going to get results from their cameras that simply cannot be replicated by models that cost significantly less? After the break we will share a Fujifilm X100F versus a Leica Q compact camera comparison video with you that Evan Ranft has put together.

The X100F is a fantastic compact camera from Fujifilm that costs $1,199, so still not exactly cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but the Leica Q is a camera that has a much larger price tag of $3,995, so some might expect that this camera will run rings around the X100F when it comes down to image quality, but that wasn’t exactly the case as you’ll see in the video that ISO1200 recently shared below. This video hasn’t shocked us in the slightest as we were positively smitten with the Fujifilm X100F when we reviewed it. Of course, we were also impressed with the Leica Q back in 2015.compact cameras

There are of course some differences between these two cameras other than price. The Fujifilm X100F has a 35mm f2 lens, and the Leica Q has a 28mm f1.7 lens. The X100F is APS-C, and the Leica Q is Full Frame. The Leica Q also has the ability to switch into the macro mode as well which means images shot up close are slightly sharper than those from the X100F. The great thing about this video though is that it skips over specs and fluff, and it gets right down the nitty gritty, and shows how images from these two cameras look like side by side.

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At the end of the day choosing between these two cameras will ultimately come down to what works for you. If the Fujifilm X100F a great camera? Yes! Is the Leica Q a great camera? Yes. Is the huge difference in price warranted? (Shrugs Shoulders), that’s for you to decide. If you have the money and want the experience of owning a Leica, then the Leica Q could be the one for you. Have a grand to spend and still like the idea of what a compact camera can do? Then the Fujifilm X100f will likely tickle your fancy. There is no doubt about it though, both cameras are more than capable of producing gorgeous images. Check out the video below to see images from these cameras side by side, and then decide how far your budget can stretch.

So what do you think? Lets us know in the comment section below if you would go for the Leica Q or the Fujifilm X100F. If you like this video by Evan Ranft, go and check out his YouTube Channel.