Ekaterina Busygina Showcases the Stunning Urban Geometry of the Morpheus Hotel

All photos by Ekaterina Busygina. Used with Creative Commons permission.

It’s been a while since we last put the spotlight on the architectural photography of Moscow-based Ekaterina Busygina. Since then, we found out that she has done quite a lot of traveling around Asia and had a bunch of snaps that showcase some architectural sights in a number of cities. One of our favorites is her collection photos showcasing the Morpheus Hotel in Macau.

Morpheus, the ultra-modern flagship hotel for the City of Dreams resort and casino in Cotai, Macau, was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. Completed in 2018, the building basks in recognition of being the world’s first free-form, high-rise exoskeleton. “Its rich pattern of structural members at lower levels progresses upwards to a less dense grid of lighter members at its summit,” said the official text description from the architects, as shared by Arch Daily.

Busygina also noted that the architects were informed and inspired by China’s rich traditions of jade carving in building this architectural treasure. Her photos indeed are a showcase of all the intricate details and patterns that make up and surround the Morpheus, and why it has been the subject of fancy of architects, creatives, and architectural photographers as of late.


The Morpheus definitely inspires awe and wonder when viewed from a distance, as we can see from all the features by architectural publications out there. But as Busygina’s snaps reveal, the lookup close tells us more about the level of skill, artistry, and ingenuity that architecture has reached today. It’s also particularly interesting how she lets our imagination run free with the hyper-futuristic vibe of these photos — we don’t see the Morpheus as a hotel at first glance, so we’re free to make of it what we will.

Do check out Ekaterina Busygina’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of her stunning architectural photography.