Go For Broke Spirit Vol. 2 Photo Book Nearing Completion

The second “Go For Broke Spirit” photo book is gearing up to tell the story of the Nisei veterans of the East Coast and other parts of the US.

Two years ago, Los Angeles-based photographer Shane Sato turned to Kickstarter to fund the production of the second Go For Broke Spirit photo book. This entailed traveling to the Midwest and East Coast to continue documenting the Japanese-American World War II veterans or the Nisei — the second generation veterans of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service. Well, he’s glad to report that he was able to do just that, but he still needs help with funding for publishing the book. Hence, the need for a second Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising $15,000.

“Thank you to everyone who pledged in 2017 to allow us the opportunity to travel to the East Coast and other parts of the country to continued photographing our Nisei veterans. Our project is almost completed,” Sato said in the campaign story. “We are done photographing and working on putting the book together with an eye for a Fall 2019 release but we need your help to cross the finishing line! These funds will help with the publishing costs, determine our order, and provide a free book to the veterans or their families in the book.”

Wat Misaka

Terry Shima

For those who are wondering why Sato waited so long to finish this project, he explains that these veterans were not open to being photographed at first. “But as the years went on, they realized the importance of preserving their history, which might otherwise be lost. In recent years I’ve been getting more willing responses from many of these men.”

The second book will follow the same format as the first Go For Broke Spirit photo book (refer to the video above), featuring over 70 new images of veterans and their stories. Some of the rewards include copies of the first book, signed copies, and postcards, while pledges of $550 and above will include a DVD of the award-winning “Citizen Tanouye” documentary by Oral Historian/Co-Author Robert Horsting. Those who already pledged their support two years ago but want to donate again in this campaign will get their names highlighted in the book to indicate that they donated twice.

Want to go all out on your support? Pledges of $1,250 or more will allow Sato to give a presentation OR lunch with him and a veteran. The backer will get to choose the location between Los Angeles, Seattle, Oahu, or Maui, with the talk or lunch to be set in 2020.

The Go For Broke Spirit Vol. 2 photo book is still short of reaching its goal with 9 days left, so head to the Kickstarter campaign now to find out more and make your pledge.


Photos from the Kickstarter campaign by Shane Sato