Lomography Announces First Petzval Art Lens for Mirrorless Market

Lomography steps up its Petzval lens lineup with the new Petzval 55mm f1.7 for Canon, Nikon, and Sony mirrorless cameras.

Those who are looking into adding some bokeh goodness to their photos may want to check out the latest in Lomography’s Art Lens lineup. Say hello to the new Petzval 55mm f1.7 MKII, which the company has recently announced as the first Lomography Art Lens specially designed for mirrorless cameras.

Six years after Lomography reinvented the legendary optics of Joseph Petzval comes the new and improved Petzval 55mm f1.7. This Art Lens was made to be compatible with Sony E, Canon RF, and Nikon Z mounts and geared to be a creative toolkit for today’s photographers and filmmakers. It features a dedicated bokeh control ring, dual aperture system, versatile 55mm focal length, and special Waterhouse Aperture Plates for shaping your bokeh. It also comes in two distinct looks: a brass design with a knob stepless aperture control for fans of the vintage look, or an aluminum design with a stepless aperture ring for those who want a more contemporary appeal.

The Petzval 55mm boasts of better-than-ever bokeh control through the dedicated bokeh control ring, which lets you choose from seven levels of adjustment. Since this lens also allows adjusting the focus and f-stop while the camera is rolling, it can also be a nifty tool to add in the creative filmmaker’s arsenal. Add to this the aperture plates in various shapes, and you have full creative control over bokeh — something that proves useful for today’s experimental portrait photographers.

Think this bokeh-licious lens is just what you need for your next projects? Lomography now has the Petzval 55mm f1.7 on pre-order at the Lomography Shop, priced at $449 for the Brass and Black Brass versions, and $399 for the Black Aluminum version. Shipping is estimated to begin in August 2019.