“Legacy of War” Photo Project Conclusion Being Funded on Kickstarter

If you’ve been curious about the Legacy of War project of documentary photographer Giles Duley following his exhibit, you might also be interested in showing your support for the final leg of his work.

We’ve first heard about Giles Duley from an Ilford Inspires episode, which featured a selection of photos from his long-term photography project, Legacy of War. Now, the documentary photographer and writer has decided finally cap the project in the next twelve months. To do this, he’ll need our support on Kickstarter to fund the rest of the activities, collaborations, and stories that he has planned for the last leg of the project.

Duley began Legacy of War four years ago to explore the long-term effects of conflict across the globe, through the individual and community stories of those living in its aftermath. Since then, the project has enjoyed a global reach, with the photographs and documented stories leading to collaborations with artists, speeches and events at the United Nations and Houses of Parliament, educational projects with schools, and even the founding of a charity.

Based on what Duley has outlined on the Kickstarter campaign, he still has a lot planned to give the project a fitting conclusion. All of these, however, will require funding:

  • Digitize and create an online resource of the work
  • Continue advocacy
  • A book and touring exhibition
  • Education in schools, including a free newspaper to be used for educational projects
  • Direct fundraising

He also added that the project still has trips planned for locations like DR Congo, Colombia, Iraq, Japan, and Laos — all places where war and conflict were present. For those who are wondering what makes this different from Part One of the Legacy of War, this final phase of the project will feature completely new stories. Duley also noted that all the rewards specified in the campaign will feature new, unseen work that will not be made available elsewhere.

“Maybe this is the biggest thing I have learned and developed since starting Legacy of War. That my client is not a magazine or NGO; nor even the supporters on a crowd funding campaign – rather my client is the person in the photograph. And it’s been an honour to witness their journeys.

“Legacy of War started as my project about those affected by war; it closes as a project driven and directed by them with me simply as the storyteller.”

The project has been successfully funded with 6 days to go as of writing, but you can still pledge your support so they can tell more stories and create a bigger impact. Do check out the Kickstarter page to find out more and back the project.


Photos from the Kickstarter page by Giles Duley