The Rokinon AF 45mm F1.8 Is Odd Compared to Other Sony FE Lenses

Rokinon AF 45mm
The new Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8 has an odd focal length compared to other Sony FE lenses, but it’s priced right.

In the last few years Rokinon has been slowly but surely increasing their Sony E mount lens offerings. Their latest lens, the Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8, is being billed as the perfect lens for your Sony camera. What really makes this offering stand out is the lenses unique focal length. The new Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8 is surprisingly the eighth new lens that the company announced this spring. This once small player in the lens market has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years, and their lens offerings keep on getting better. The Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8 will hopefully be able to deliver the goods too, like some of their other newer lenses have.

The new lens features seven elements in six groups, with nine aperture blades. You’ll find two aspherical elements, and one extra-low dispersion element. The glass has been treated with Rokinon’s Ultra Multi-Coatings which should help control vignetting, distortion, and chromatic aberration. The lens has a filter size of 49mm, and the barrel is made of metal. There is no weather sealing, but with a price tag of $399, the Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8 will be a very attractive option to many Sony users.

Perhaps the strangest thing about this lens though is the focal length. The 45mm focal length is not common, but perhaps this could work in Rokinon’s favor. Lens manufacturers usually tend to stick with 35mm, 40mm, and then 50mm options, so perhaps Rokinon will be able to carve out a nice niche with this lens. The reason Rokinon has decided to go with a 45mm lens is because they believe that the 45mm focal length is closer to what we see with our eyes. The general thinking is the 50mm focal length is closer to what we see (but to each their own).

Rokinon AF 45mm

There are, of course, other lenses on the market that have a focal length of 45mm. (The Tamron 45mm f1.8 DI VC comes to mind, but it is only available with Canon EF, and Nikon F mounts.) This means that the Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8 will be the only native 45mm lens on the Sony platform, and that will surely give Rokinon a firmer grip on the budget lens market when it comes to lenses with Sony’s E mount.

The Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8 should be a great budget option for those looking for a lens that will do well with portraiture, events, lifestyle, environmental portraits, architecture, landscape, and street photography. The Rokinon AF 45mm f1.8 should hit shelves this June with a retail price of just $399, and it will come with a lens hood, lens cap, and a swanky custom fitted case. For more information check out the official Rokinon website.