André Josselin Highlights the Anonymous Faces of New York City

All photos by André Josselin. Used with Creative Commons permission.

In one of our recent features, Cologne-based André Josselin shared how New York City was his dream destination and, using his Leica M, André put together a visual love letter to the city. Well, aside from capturing all the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, he also made sure to paint a picture of its people through some candid street portraits. New Yorkers certainly are among the favorite subjects of street photographers, and we’re definitely not complaining seeing more being added to the pile. Aptly titled Anonymous NYC, the collection of street portraits was taken using a Leica M10 with a 28mm Zeiss lens. It looks and feels like a continuation of the NYC Love Letter series, but with a more decisive focus on people. There’s also a more classic New York City street photography feel, even reminiscent of Bruce Gilden. More hustle and bustle, a close distance to subjects, but also more observant of the people he chose to photograph.

Even without the New York City label, it’s probably easy for fans of the city and street photography (or both) will find the scenes he captured especially familiar. It’s quintessential NYC, and yes, that can be a good or bad thing. As Christopher Anderson mentioned, the city is “terribly photogenic” which makes it a big photographic cliché. But as Josselin’s photos show us, these are the very sights that draw travelers, creatives, and photographers to the Big Apple. Every photographer who visits and shoots around New York City will turn their eyes and cameras to its most eye-catching elements as Josselin did here — the smokies, towering skyscrapers, and interesting personalities that contribute to its vibrant city life.

Check out André Josselin’s website and Behance portfolio to see his other photography projects.