The ZEISS Ventum 21mm F2.8 Has a Sony E Mount for Drone Use

The new ZEISS Ventum 21mm f2.8 lens is a lightweight, industrial lens designed for long-range shots using drones.

If you dabble in drone photography for all kinds industrial purposes, you might benefit from the latest offering by ZEISS. Given the many industrial applications of drone cameras today, the company has responded with the Zeiss Ventum 21mm f2.8, a new lightweight industrial lens especially made for use with drones. This wide-angle E-mount lens for full-format cameras promises outstanding optical quality in a compact and rugged aluminum package.

As lenses for drone photography need to provide the best image quality while also being as small and light as possible, ZEISS developed the Ventum 2.8/21 with a fixed-focus setting and compact design. Its weight was reduced by 50% compared to the Interlock Compact Ventum 21mm f2.8 so drones can fly longer and more efficiently. It features a maximum aperture of 2.8 and focal length of 21mm, with the aperture allowing for adjustments on the lens by 1/3 f-stops from f2.8 to f22.

The Zeiss Ventum 21mm f2.8 is compatible with large area scan and line scan sensors with an image circle of up to 43mm and a starting pixel size of 2.8 µm. The fixed focus of 15m can cover a maximum area of focus. For example, setting the aperture at f8 allows detailed reproduction of all objects within approximately three meters to infinity. To make the lens adequate for various drone applications and industrial use, the Ventum 21mm f2.8 was equipped with a sealed aluminum housing that allows it to withstand all weather conditions while shooting. The rugged, weather-resistant design protects it from dust, splashes, high humidity, and extreme temperatures. The lens also sports the ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating to minimize ghosting.

The Zeiss Ventum 21mm f2.8 is now available through ZEISS distribution partners for a suggested retail price of €1,500. Visit the ZEISS Ventum page to find out more.