DXOMark Shows the Nikon 50mm F1.8 Z S is One of Their Sharpest

DXOMark Lens Reviews

Things continue to return to normal at DXOMark as they have made the decision to bring lens reviews back to the site alongside their sensor reviews.

After a long absence from the world of sensor testing, DXOMark made the announcement earlier on this year that they would be up and running once again, and ever since then they have been churning out sensor reviews quite frequently. Today, the guys and gals over at DXOMark have just announced that they will be starting to review lenses once again as well, and they have got off to a flyer by reviewing one of the new Nikon Z Mirrorless lenses. It’s tied with the Nikon 85mm f1.4 as Nikon’s sharpest lens offering according to the site.


The first lens that DXOMark have put through their tests is the Nikon Nikkor Z 50mm f1.8 S. This new Z mount lens is a weather sealed beast that we really enjoyed testing and using. Our real world tests showed that this lens is capable of producing some truly sharp, wonderfully colored images. While the lens might be pricier than the 50mm f1.8 F Mount lens, this nifty fifty is certainly one that a new Nikon Z shooter will want to invest in. As you can see from the scores that DXOMark awarded, their test results fall nicely in-line with what we found during our testing period. Overall the lens scored a 44, which puts it tied at 8th place on their league table. Not a bad start for Nikon and their new Z mount lenses. The lens scored well in overall sharpness, distortion control, and light transmission. It’s a solid 50mm for the Nikon Mirrorless age.



Whether you love them or hate them, DXOMark offer a great service to those who like to explore every avenue possible before they drop significant amounts of money on a new camera, or a new lens. Their laboratory testing is thorough, and while the tests don’t really replicate real world use like our reviews do, they do end up providing metrics that some photographers are interested in.  If you would like to see the results of testing, head on over to DXOMark. As the Mirrorless lens wars start to heat up even more, we’re sure that going forward there will be many more lens tests over at their labs, and as always, keep an eye out for our real world tests too.

Brett Day

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