Now Is the Best Time to Stock Up on Your Favorite Fujifilm Emulsions

If you’ve been putting off refilling your stash of Fujifilm emulsions, believe us when we say now is the best time to stock up!

Attention, film photographers! If your stash is missing some Fuji films, here’s your chance to snag some while they’re still at wallet-friendly prices. Yes, you’ve read that right. Fujifilm is set to raise the prices of its professional films in the US soon, so go get your fill before it happens.

In a newsletter recently sent by the folks of Freestyle Photographic Supplies (complete with the convincing call-to-action above), they gave a heads up that Fujifilm is set to hike price increases on its films effective April 15. Some of these films, they said, will get an increase of as much as 30% of the current retail price. We’ve long known that Fujifilm has been effectively killing off its emulsions, so we understand if film photographers feel the need to stock up and shoot with what’s left while it’s available.

Among the Fuji films you can grab from Freestyle are Pro 400H 35mm, 5-pack Pro 400H 120, Superia Xtra 400, 5-pack Provia 100F 120, and 5-pack Velvia 100 120. Take note that you have to make your order before April 15 3:00 PST to get them at current prices.

Some shops may have already started selling Fuji films at the updated prices, as Fujifilm has actually announced the price revision way back in February 25. According to the announcement, the products affected include color negative film, color reversal film, Quick Snap disposable camera, and all photographic papers. The minimum increase for photographic films is expected to be at 30%, while the photographic papers are to get a minimum of double-digit percentage. This change, they said, is effective from April 1, 2019. Not an April Fools’ joke, unfortunately!

So, you know what to do. Go ahead and grab some rolls of your favorite Fuji emulsions while there’s still time to get them at current prices!