YouTube Fauxtographer Under Scrutiny After It’s Revealed That He Doesn’t Shoot RAW

“Hey guys!” he started as he began to issue one of his biggest apology videos to his community.

A famous Youtube photographer recently issued an apology to his hundreds of thousands of followers and viewers after video footage of him not shooting a RAW photo emerged onto the internet. The photographer, who shall remain nameless as he has recently deleted his channel out of shame, issued a long, heartfelt apology to the community who bought his t-shirts, tutorials, and remained his faithful acolytes until he was revealed to be a fraud.

This photographer preached the gospel of shooting RAW all the time no matter what–as well as only shooting full frame due to how professional the format is. But in addition to that, he was well known in his camera reviews for doing a sniff test. Unfortunately, all that viewers smelled this time around was b*llsh*t. Commenters reached out to him on YouTube saying things like:

  • “You ruined my life. I hope you burn in hell.”
  • “You never knew how to use a camera.”
  • “I hope that you’re ashamed of yourself.”
  • “I’m still your fan.”
  • “Unsubscribing.
  • “First.”

This comes later as another Youtuber who claimed to be a RAW vegan was caught eating fish. In a similar apology, she worked hard to keep her millions of followers only to be held accountable as a fraud. Problems like this have not only occurred in the world of YouTube but also days before in the blogging world. Dishonesty is amok as well as transparency; and we’re only wondering when the FTC will be cracking down on it.

Editor’s Note: This is an April Fool’s joke

Chris Gampat

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