PolaRoad Aims to Make Travel More Memorable Using Instant Photos

PolaRoad wants to make exploring the Italian city of Siena more fun for travelers through their nifty guides and instant photography.

For a good number of film photographers and travelers, an instant camera already has a place in their trip essentials. But a project called PolaRoad aims to make it a crucial component of a different and more fun experience for travelers who want to explore the city of Siena in Italy’s Tuscany region. If you have plans to visit the charming town anytime soon, this could be a project you’d like to support!

In a nutshell, PolaRoad is the project of three young women who dream of elevating their hometown’s history and tradition through new travel experiences. To achieve this, they thought of combining the tactile charm of Polaroid instant photography with their own insider guide. By making the photos a physical memento instead of a digital snap, they believe that visitors will have an enriched experience and a precious souvenir that they created themselves.

To bring PolaRoad to life, the project’s creators have taken to Indiegogo to crowdfund the project. They talk about it in the campaign video below:

Central to the PolaRoad is the POLAKIT, comprised of the POLAGUIDE city discovery book to explore the city with, and an Instax Camera for rent with film included to take photos of the destinations in the itinerary. The guide has a dedicated space for your instant snaps, so it essentially becomes a nice keepsake at the end of the tour. Travelers who plan to explore the city with their kids are also likely to keep the young ones entertained with the instant camera, on top of the complementary POLAGUIDE for kids.

Interested in helping make the project happen? You can grab the POLAKIT for $25, but there are also other perks available for other pledges. Head to the Indiegogo campaign now to find out more and show your support.


Images from the video by Giulia Valacchi for PolaRoad