The Elegant Minimalist Street Photography of Victor Morante

All images by Victor Morante. Used with permission.

Fans of simple yet elegant street photography, say hello to today’s impressive inspiration. Vietnam-based Spanish photographer Victor Morante said he has been traversing Asia for a long time, but only started doing street photography in 2017 while in Bangkok. Led by his curiosity of people and culture, he felt that the craft came to him naturally. Seeing this handful of snaps he shared with us, we definitely agree.

Not too long ago, we shared a reminder that no one is too shy for street photography. Whether you consider yourself an introvert or would rather not be confrontational with your street snapping, it’s still possible for you to get impressive photos. Morante certainly makes this a strong case through his work and perspectives.

“I would define my street photos as minimal, I’m always seeking for matching colors, lines, lights, shades and the right subject. I’m obsessed with the composition, quite picky. I’m a quiet and shy guy I guess that’s why all my frames are rather tidy and minimalistic.”

Morante’s photos here, he said, were taken in some of Asia’s big and busy cities. But what he tries to get in his frames are moments of quiet, where everything seems to fit together. Indeed, the minimalist approach gives us some sort of respite from the hustle and bustle that we’re used to seeing in street photography. Lone subjects, quiet settings, and dramatic lighting all come together to bring his vision to life.

How technical does he get? There isn’t much technique in his work; just passion, he said. “Camera in aperture priority mode and eyes wide open. Constantly thinking of geometry and colors, impossible to describe with words. My camera is always set, so I just click the button when my mind says yes.”

Visit Victor Morante’s website to see more of his beautiful minimalist street photography.