A Super Rare Mint Konica Hexar 72 Half-Frame is Up for Grabs

Yes, there’s a half-frame Konica Hexar and you can grab one for $10,000.00.

The Konica Hexar in itself is already quite a coveted item among film photographers and vintage camera collectors, and can go for a substantial amount of cash when sold in mint condition. Enter the even more valuable and rare half-frame version of this iconic 35mm rangefinder camera: the Konica Hexar 72 in mint condition. If you’re a half-frame fan seeking a premium shooter to squeeze more out of your film rolls, this might end up on your wishlist.

The Konica Hexar 72 body listed by North Carolina-based ebay seller nazihuntero5 is in mint condition and includes the box and paperwork. No other blemishes or usage marks reported. This unit is number 7 out of only 50 made, making it one of the rarest M mount rangefinder cameras you can get your hands on (that costs significantly less than a Leica counterpart). Still, something this unique and limited is bound to command a lot of cash — $10,000 to be precise.

New to this gorgeous film camera? According to CameraQuest, the Konica Hexar RF itself was introduced on October 13, 1999 after rumors of its release floated about for around three years. It was the first considerably new M mount camera since the Leica M6 was introduced in 1984. It was also the first M mount camera that was not made by Leica. In essence, it’s a Leica M6 with added AE exposure with AE lock, motorized film advance and rewind, a great viewfinder with shutter speed display, and an electronic metal shutter with a wider shutter speed range.

The Hexar’s rangefinder has also been noted to be very similar to the Leica M6, with the same frame lines of 28, 35. 50, 75, 90, 135, and even the same frame line combinations as Leica’s 28+90, 50+75, 35+135. These are automatically selected when the lens is mounted, and also uses the same preview lever in the same M location. These are just some of the similarities between the Leica M cameras and the Konica Hexar RF, making the latter a close clone of the Leica M6.

The Hexar 72 was made at some point in the production as a limited edition of 50 units, as earlier mentioned.

So, think this rare rangefinder camera is worth a space in your camera collection? It’s all yours if you have no problems parting with your $10,000. As with all high-value listings, we highly suggest exercising full caution and ask around for more info on the actual market value of such item. Head to the ebay listing anytime you’re ready to buy it now or make your best offer.


Photos from the ebay listing by nazihuntero5