Elizaveta Porodina Brings Out Playful Colors in “New York Blues”

All images by Elizaveta Porodina. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Feel like getting a little experimental with your portrait and fashion photography? One way to do it is to play around with colors. Munich-based Elizaveta Porodina is certainly one of the photographers who we can take a page from, as we can see in this playful fashion editorial from 2017.

Previously, we’ve seen Porodina use colors to bring memories of dreamy summer days, add a touch of nostalgia, and even put together a Blade Runner-inspired fashion editorial. Titled New York Blues, this playful set in turn features an abundance of colors but perhaps in a way that’s not typically seen in portrait work. For a start, the’s the blue skin clashing with all the bright colors. Then, there’s the theme you can’t quite put your finger on. There’s also a little bit of a party vibe going in some of the shots.

But still, if it’s all being experimental these portraits make fine examples of how far you can take your ideas. Neon remains a trendy look today, but let’s face it — it’s one of those looks that have been done over and over. But if you take this aesthetic and use it to try making something different, you may end up with some pretty interesting results.

While this fashion editorial was taken back in 2017, we can say that vibrant experiments like it still prove to be eye-catching today and the years to come. After all, the story or theme can also be in the colors themselves and what we do to make them work with our ideas. So, hopefully, this series inspires you to explore what colors can do to shape your creative vision in portraiture, and especially fashion photography.

Check out Elizaveta Porodina’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his stunning portrait and fashion photography projects.