Create Infrared Images with a Filter That Mimics Kodak Aerochrome Film

Those longing to participate in infrared photography can now do so on the cheap with this new filter.

Infrared photography is a specialized genre of photography that doesn’t appeal to everyone, but there is no doubt that infrared images can be quite stunning. Since Kodak Aerochrome film is hard to come by these days, one photographer decided he wanted to be able to bring this type of photography to the masses without having to use a camera conversion and with the use of a full spectrum camera., and without having to spend over $80 on one roll of Kodak Aerochrome. The result is a simple screw on lens filter that mimics the old film perfectly. Find out more after the break.

Editor’s Note: One needs a full spectrum camera in order to get the Aerochrome look.

It was 2008 when French Photographer, Yann Philippe decided to start experimenting with different methods to recreate the look and feel of his old favorite film. After playing around for some time, he came up with the correct wavelength modifying formula that recreated the look of the Aerochrome film, and the infrared photography he loved. He took his finding to Kolari Vision and they turned his findings into a regular glass filter.

infrared photography

The new lens filter has been making the rounds lately, bringing its release to light. Such a filter will no doubt be sweet news to those who have been wanting the look and feel of infrared photographs without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a camera conversion.

To make sure that the filter is as close as possible to the original Kodak Aerochrome film, Yann Philippe splashed out $80 on a roll of Aerochrome film, and put it to the test along side the filter which was on a Canon 6D Mk II. The results are staggering

For creatives out there, and for those who have always been infrared photography curious, this lens filter will be right up your alley. The filter is able to easily recreate gorgeous reds, deep blues, purples, and magenta tones that infrared photography is known for. You don’t even need to spend a ton of time in Photoshop or Lightroom afterwards; just screw it on your lens, and shoot.

Adding a filter like this to your workflow you allow you to create stunning, other-worldly pictures. You could honestly go to places you have visited before, or have grown tired of, and you can create unique images that will make you see the world and the landscapes around you in a completely new way.

This is without doubt one of the best ways to really make your images stand out from the crowd, and it will certainly be incredibly exciting to see just what effect it can have on various pictures. You can create alien looking landscapes, or you could use it to create portraits that will turn heads. Really, the sky is the limit, and you’ll be held back only by your own imagination.

If your head has been turned by the stunning images you’ve seen here, and you want to give infrared photography a try, the IRchrome infrared photography filters can be pre-ordered right now. These filters will be available with thread sizes ranging from 37mm to 95mm with prices ranging from $49.99 to $140.

Have you ever been interested in infrared photography? Have you taken infrared pictures before? Let us know in the comments below.

Brett Day

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