Black Station’s Cityscapes of Dubai in the Fog are Both Eerie and Soothing

All images by Black Stallion. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Dubai has perhaps one of the most famous skylines in the world.  The sprawling desert city sprouts from the the flat land, and is dominated by some of the largest buildings on the planet. The large glass, futuristic looking towers are spectacular all by themselves, but add in some advection fog, and this city gets completely transformed. Photographer Black Station has been able to capture the beauty of the Dubai with the fog swirling around the buildings, and the effects are positively stunning. After the break we will share with you some of his breathtaking cityscape photography with you.

It’s really quite amazing the effect fog can have on both cityscapes and landscapes. A place we know, love, and cherish can be transformed into an other worldly destination in an instant. Photographer Black Station, who hails from Shanghai, China recently visited the Arabian metropolis and shared some of his amazing Dubai cityscape photography on his Behance page.


The fog makes this futuristic city look like it’s floating in the clouds. Rising up to the top of some of the tallest skyscrapers, the fog glows from the beautiful neon green, red, and purple lights. It gives the feeling of calm, and it’s very soothing. The huge city looks so quiet and peaceful as the fog dances between the tall glass buildings.

At other times, the fog hangs low, and swirls around the base of the towers and through the busy city streets. It makes me wonder how amazing it would look to be on the ground looking up. While the fog is quite rare in many places in the world, it happens frequently in Dubai thanks to geological environment and location of the city.

cityscape photography

The way the light hits the fog, and how the fog then manipulates the light can completely change the look and feel of a city too. To me, the images above look almost post apocalyptic. The advection fog turns the glowing, busy luxury streets of Dubai into a baron wasteland of city that is void of human life.

Light is such an incredibly powerful, magical element, and it’s easy to see the effect it can have on the images we take. Black Station’s ability to capture the effect of the fog on the city is wonderful. Each photo makes you feel like it was taken at a different time, a different era in the life of the city if you will.

I can see each image and can almost come up with a different story for each one of them. Whether it be tales of a futuristic cyberpunk city in the clouds, or a city that has succumb to disaster, the fog, and the lighting is key to all of this. With his Cityscape Photography, Black Station not only shows the rare advection fog occurring, he’s telling stories too.

If you like the images in this post, be sure to head on over to Black Station’s Behance page to check out more images from this series. He also has a website where he showcases his latest work.


Brett Day

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