University Headshots Aims to Bring Affordable Professional Headshots to Virginia Universities

This University Headshots project wants to bring affordable, professional headshots to campuses across Virginia. 

University students in Virginia who are joining the workforce soon may find this project helpful. Lexington-based mobile photography and headshot studio University Headshots wants to expand their equipment and reach to bring affordable professional headshots to campuses across the state through Kickstarter funding.

The mission, according to the The Headshot Airstream Kickstarter campaign, is to provide college graduates with quality headshots for their professional social media presence. Profiles for outlets like LinkedIn and Handshake are now a necessity for finding work, connecting with potential clients, and networking with fellow professionals, and part of that is a headshot applicants are confident with. Many of the graduates looking into joining the workforce often do not have access to photography studios, or budget for hiring a photographer for this purpose.

To do this, University Headshots needs to find a 24-foot airstream trailer in good shape at a reasonable price for building their mobile studio. They envision it to be  a fully functional studio equipped with two Westcott Flex panels mounted on both side walls, and two Profoto B10 strobes (one as the main light with a softbox and one as a background light). They will also have a Nikon D850 with Nikon 105mm lens on board to provide images of up to 50 Megapixels. This mobile studio, they say, will allow them to traverse colleges across Virginia to service those who need a quick professional headshot at an affordable cost. For this project, they need to raise $12,000 by February 10, 2019.

Think this is a project you can support? Check out the University Headshots Kickstarter campaign to learn more and make your pledge. They are also offering to do headshots in several locations in Virginia, DC, and New York City as rewards for their generous backers.


Photos from the University Headshots Kickstarter campaign