HOOP Combines a Ring Light and Gimbal for Photo and Video Use

HOOP makes sure your camera is stabilized and your scene is well-lit, all in a convenient package.

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to have a gimbal with a ring light, we now have the answer for you. The creators of GoLapse are back with HOOP, the world’s first ring light and gravity gimbal in one. This tool promises to keep your camera stable and pointed where you want while also lighting up the scene with a powerful LED ring. With many photographers also doubling as videographers or doing some occasional video work, this contraption could just be another nifty tool to add to the arsenal.

This contraption, which is currently being funded on Kickstarter, comes in two models. The ultra light HOOP Mini, which supports smartphones, GoPros, and small point and shoot cameras; and HOOP Pro, which caters to videographers and cinematographers, and can accommodate DSLRs and two smaller cameras at once (useful for shooting 3D or 360 photos and videos) . The HOOP Mini is even lighter than a smartphone, and utilizes a two-axis stabilization. The HOOP Pro, meanwhile, also comes with adjustable warm and cold color balance. Both models feature durability and user serviceability, 90 minute battery life, GoLapse infinite warranty, and Phospor-based LEDs for flicker-free lighting.


HOOP looks more like a tool for videographers, but photographers may also find it useful for certain still photography uses and shooting conditions. As demonstrated in the campaign video above, HOOP can help with shooting sweeping panoramas, or serve as a handy light source by simply mounting it on a tripod. Ring lights are particularly useful for beauty shots, close-up portraits (for beautiful catch light in the eyes), and even macro photography. It could also be helpful when keeping a steady shot for panning in sports or action photography.

Think HOOP is the right tool to take your photography and videography to greater heights? Head to the Kickstarter campaign to pledge $79 for the HOOP Mini and $99 for the HOOP Pro while there’s still time.


Images from the HOOP Kickstarter campaign by GoLapse