The Phoblographer Talks About What You Need to Know About Third-Party Lenses

sigma prime lenses 105mm 1.4

Been eyeing third party lenses but aren’t entirely sure about them yet? You might get some useful insights from this interview with The Phoblographer himself, Chris Gampat. 

If you’re curious about exploring third party lenses, we have just the right stuff for you. The Phoblographer Editor-in-Chief Chris Gampat recently had a chat with Frederick Van Johnson of This Week in Photo to talk about third party lenses in the latest episode of TWiP Talks. Give this podcast a watch or listen and you may just find out if these non-OEM lenses are worth a go for you!

You can also download the podcast here (Duration: 39:51 — 45.6MB).

In this insightful interview, you’ll learn about the virtues and economics of third-party lenses in comparison to OEM lenses. Van Johnson and Gampat also discussed some issues and concerns that typically come with using non-OEM lenses, such as warranty, weather sealing, and upgrading the firmware of these lenses.

This podcast could very well be a helpful resource whether you’re currently considering getting a new lens for your camera, or you already own some. For example, if you haven’t tried any third party lenses, you definitely want to know if they’re just as good as the OEM options, or you’d best be not be adventurous and just stick to the offerings of your brands. For those who have used them before and simply want to know if these third-party brands have gotten any better in more recent times, or have fitting offerings for your shooting needs and current system/s, you’ll also get some insights about those in this discussion.

As a bonus, Van Johnson also quizzes the Phoblographer himself on what’s in his camera bag, as well as what he considers to be his “desert island” lens.

If you enjoyed this podcast, don’t forget to check out This Week in Photo for more TWiP Talks episodes.