Replica Surfaces Offer Picture-Perfect Backdrops for Your Product Snaps

Replica Surfaces may be just the tool you need if you shoot a lot of product and food photography — or just want more flattering flatlays on Instagram.

Ever wished you could make your product shots, food photos, and flatlays more appealing with some nice backdrops? Before you reach for pricey backgrounds or cheap options that may not suit your needs, you might want to check out what Replica Surfaces has to offer.

The company’s founder, Mandy Gleason, was once in the same boat as many commercial photographers looking for ways to improve their content. Wanting to make her product photos more eye-catching, she looked for various backdrop solutions but found they were bulky, crumpled easily, or required complicated studio setups. If you’re working on a tight budget and schedule, you know how frustrating this can get.

Mandy decided to make her own, customized backdrops to fit her needs. With it, Replica Surfaces came into the picture. Made with three layers of ultra thin yet sturdy material, these backdrops are portable; you can bring them anywhere you want or need to shoot (studio no longer required)! The backdrops are also stain-proof and prop upright using the custom-fit stands. These make them perfect for photographers and content creators are on a budget.

Replica Surfaces backdrops come in four clean, glare-free, hyperrealistic designs; Ship-lap, White Marble, Rose Marble, and Concrete. You can mix and match two surfaces and attach them in an L-configuration to create your favorite looks.

Mandy has put up campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter to fund the production of the Replica Surfaces. The campaigns are already fully funded, but you can still pledge your support or pre-order yours here.


Images via Replica Surfaces on Indiegogo