Steve Roe’s Stunning Kyoto Photo Diary Will Fill You with Wanderlust

Been dreaming of a lovely photo walk around the charming streets of Kyoto? Pack your bags, because this beautiful photo diary will surely get you booking a flight soon.

Japan is on every photographer’s dream destinations for many good reasons and the distinct look and feel of its cities is just one. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and have your eyes specifically on Japan, today’s featured photo diary by Steve Roe will give you plenty of reasons to put Kyoto on your bucket list!

Last time we put the spotlight on Roe’s work, we were mesmerized by his trippy neon street snaps from Seoul, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. He also shared with us his insights on Hong Kong’s fading neon lights and how it could change the way photographers shoot. He recently shared his photo diary with us, from a wonderful weekend he spent in Kyoto. Check out his snaps below and be prepared to get a serious case of wanderlust for Japan’s old capital.

“I spent 48 hours in Osaka and Kyoto this weekend. I had a lot to cram into this short space of time but it was one of the best weekends for photography I’ve had in a while,” Roe shared on his Bored Panda post, and added that these are some his favorites from his daytime shooting around Kyoto.

While Roe added his own touch in the color renderings for these snaps, everything else screams of the beauty of the old Japanese capital — from the torii (traditional Japanese gate typically found at the entrance or inside a Shinto shrine), to the autumn scenes set against the castles and shrines, to the distinct streets that show a mix of the old and the new. If this work doesn’t convince you to fly to Kyoto the very first chance you get, I don’t know what else will!

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All images by Steve Roe. Used with permission.