We Collaborated with Tog Tees to Make These Unique T-Shirts. You Should Get One

We’re super excited to announce our official collaboration with Tog Tees and are bringing you these wonderful new T-Shirts.

For years, as the Phoblographer’s founder and editor I always wanted to abide by strong ethics–which is why we never stepped into doing collaborations or selling merch the way a few others do. I’ve always wanted folks to wear their love of the site in their actions, and not make you into cultists. My thoughts on this have changed over the years though, and while I still don’t want you to be a cultist of the Phoblographer, I think that you’d look great in our latest collaboration with Tog Tees in the form of these snazzy T shirts.

For the inspiration behind our shirts, we thought about a few things: the history of photography and your daily kit. We know that most of you are prime lens users, and so we made a shirt just for you. This shirt was designed and inspired by vintage lens designs and includes a number of essential lenses for pretty much every photographer. Indeed, these are also the lenses that I tend to have with each camera system due to the versatility that they offer. And if you’re a lens addict the way that I am, I’m positive that you’re going to adore this shirt.

For our other design, we wanted to encompass the history of photography; and so we started from the very beginning to the modern day. There is a historic timeline on the shirt that traces some of the biggest moments in the art form’s gear. A fantastic shirt for the history buff, I also just think that this design is great for the person that just likes photography in general. I mean, what other great and nerdy way to do it than in the timeline?

Tog Tees shirts are apparel that I personally wear due to not only how comfortable they are, but just how high quality they are. They’ve resisted wash after wash and the shirts have lasted me for years thus far.

The shirts are available for pre-order and you can head on over to their website and get them right now.