Satisfy Your Curiosity on the Shutter Sounds of Fujifilm Cameras

It’s probably not a big deal for most, but if you have a preference for certain shutter sounds on Fujifilm cameras, here’s a video you might want to watch.

Do you like the shutter sound of your camera quiet or mechanical-sounding? Do certain shutter sounds help you make up your mind on which camera to get? Whether you’re simply curious or it’s a deciding factor for your next Fujifilm camera purchase, we’ve found a quick video to satisfy your curiosity.

For some photographers — especially street photographers — it’s important to have a stealthy camera that produces the quietest shutter sound. For others, it’s just plain novelty. It gets even more nostalgic with certain film SLR and rangefinder cameras, but if you’re more of a Mirrorless shooter and a Fujifilm fan, you’ll most likely find this quick video by nycphotog2006 fascinating.

In the simple test above, the goal was to answer the question, what do the cameras sound like? So he put together a bunch of well-known Fujifilm mirrorless models — the Fujifilm XT-3, Fujifilm X-T2, Fujifilm X-H1, Fujifilm X-Pro2, and Fujifilm X-T20 — to compare their mechanical shutter sounds. YouTuber nycphotog2006 put the cameras on top of a pillowcase to eliminate the sound of the reverberations on the table when the shutters go off. He also equipped all cameras with the same lens to make the test equal and accurate for all units, in case the lens muffles the shutter sound, like some have claimed. The cameras are also set at 1/1000 sec and continuous shooting. Then, he proceeds to press the shutters one by one so we can listen carefully to the beautiful shutter sounds.

While all the shutter sounds certainly seem like music to every photographer’s ears, he declares the Fujifilm X-H1 his favorite of the lot. Nice and quiet, compared to the X-T2, for example. But, regardless of which model is the apple of your eye or you’re thinking of getting, all these cameras have a silent mode capability which quiets them by using the electronic shutter.

Screenshot image from the video by nycphotog2006